About us

A havah child cancer care Uganda is a non governmental organisation registered by the government of Uganda. It is constituted by parents of childhood cancer survivors, parents whose children are in active care as well as those who have lost their children to cancer. We exist to support families affected by childhood cancer through psychosocial support, continuous education and active engagement with clinical and research teams at Uganda cancer institute.


A cancer free childhood.


Supporting and enriching lives of families with children affected by cancer through advocacy and education to enable them live the most fulfilling lives possible.

what we do

Psychosocial support

We work to support a family's mental health to help them come to terms with a childhood cancer diagnosis by offering tailored information and emotional support including group play therapy

Bereavement care

We offer emotional support and counseling including sibling support programs. Create opportunities for families to meet and share with other Bereaved parents.


We solicit cash and kind donations from individuals, Organisations and companies.


We work to influence local and national policies to focus more resources on childhood cancer. We also work to support evidence based research.

Compassion, Confidentiality , Commitment